TEXT TO Speech with MURF AI

TEXT TO Speech with MURF : Create Emotional sounds in Videos with this tool. The most common critique of AIs is their lack of emotion. They can't express emotions like normal people, and this has become a significant issue in the world of content creation using . That's why I created this video – to show you that there now exists an AI tool that addresses our problem. Murf Studio, an AI tool developed by Murf Inc., is a revolutionary text-to-speech AI . Unlike any other, Murf AI not only offers basic text-to-speech capabilities but also provides customizable emotions for each AI actor, which users can easily utilize. Murf Studio also gives the capability to create video content with free-to-use music, images, and videos all in one place.

Part 1:

Murf AI not only provides text-to-speech services but also offers other services such as Murf API, Add-on, Slides add-on, voice cloning, and voice-over video editor.

Part 2: Create an Account

Click the Sign-Up button, and you can continue by using Google, Microsoft, Slack, or any email account of your choice.

Part 3: Create New Project

After completing the registration process, log in to Murf Studio. Click on Create Project to start a new project. You can select either audio or video content.

Part 4: Text-to-Speech AI

In Murf AI Studio, you can select a voice from the different options and choose your desired voice. You can also adjust voice pitch, and speed and add pauses as needed.

Part 5: Add Music

Murf AI Studio is not just a voice-over editor but also a multimedia editor where you can add and edit music, images, and videos for your content for free. Click on the Media to access the media library. Part

6: Add Images & Videos

Open the media library, go to the Stock Images tab, filter image orientation, select or search for images related to your topic, and click Add to Timeline to include selected images in your scene.

Part 7: AI Voice Emotions

In Murf AI, you can select voice emotions from the emotion options and choose your desired voice emotion. Part 8: Render & Download Murf Studio allows you to download your AI-generated voice by segment or block. Click the menu button for each block and select Download Audio to download your AI-generated audio. You can also download the subtitle file in SRT format.

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