FIFA World Cup 1982

World Cup 1982 was the 12th edition of the international soccer tournament, and was held in from June 13th June to 11th July 1982. The tournament was won by the in a 3–1 final victory over the West . For the first time 24 teams from across the globe gathered in Spain for the tournament, with the hosts joined by the likes of , , West Germany and Italy.

This world cup was played on the previous format of World Cup 1978. But with a little difference with 4 groups comprises of three teams each.  For the first time 24 teams were qualified for group stage. Spain as host nation was granted automatic qualification, with the remaining 23 teams participated in the 1982 World Cup, including 13 European teams, 4 South American teams, 2 North American teams, 2 African teams and Single representative from Asia as well as from Oceania. Algeria, Honduras, Cameroon, Kuwait and New Zealand qualified for the first time in World Cup Group stage.

Top 2 teams from 6 Groups qualified for next stage i.e., Poland, Italy, West Germany, Austria, Belgium, Argentina, England, , Northern Ireland, Spain, Brazil and Soviet Union. The highest-scoring match in World Cup was the match between and El Salvador, which ended in a 10-1 victory for Hungary. Algeria defeated West Germany, 2-1, in the group stages.

Second round consisted of  4 Groups of three teams each. Top first team from these 4 groups directly Qualified for Semi-Final Stage. Semi Finalist team consists of Italy, West Germany, France and Poland.

First semi final was played between Poland and Italy, Italian team easily defeat Polish team with 2-0 goals. The second semi-final between West Germany and France was intense and full of emotion. West Germany won the match, 5-4, in a shootout.

The match was held on July 11th, 1982 in Madrid, Spain, and was attended by an estimated 90,000 spectators. West German team, led by Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, advanced to the finals, where they would face Italy. Italy managed to win the title, 3-1, with goals from Marco Tardelli and Paolo Rossi.

The 1982 FIFA World Cup Final is remembered as one of the greatest matches in the history of the tournament. It was a match full of skill and determination that showcased the best of both teams. It was also a great advertisement for the sport of soccer and helped to broaden its appeal to more people around the world.

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